A wet start


As I write this, England is under attack from above and below, sometimes from the side and then within. The weather, determined to make the country a green if not a pleasant land, is dumping huge quantities of water upon the landscape.

It is against this backdrop of national catastrophe that I selfishly plan to launch my novel on KINDLE. This move on my part will do nothing to alleviate the misery. As an electronic publication, it can’t even be pulped and turned into flood defences. For this I apologise.

Ignoring the wider national drama, I am putting the final touches to this website and removing the more choice swear words in the novel to make it easier for people who don't like that sort of thing.

With my normally chest-high desk clear of the last monstrous project, I can now cross the I’s and dot the T’s, and even begin my first baby steps towards the follow-up novel. I promise I’ll work harder this time.

Watch this damp space.

T J Brown

© Tim Brown 2016