News - Unhappy Medium 2 and More!

OK.... It's on the way, 2/3rds down as of Aug 1st 2016. Dr Newton Barlow, Viv, Gabby and the Purgatorians are back in a new adventure involving life, death and the pursuit of unhappiness. Want updates on progress? Of course you do! 

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Meanwhile in other news, I have had a side project on the go for a while now which is just about ready for launch. It's not very funny, in fact to be brutally honest – it's not funny at all. I'm a huge fan of M.R. James, and always fancied dabbling with the classic Xmas ghost story format. It's just a short and messy story, so if you can take a bit of supernatural horror then it may just be what you've been looking for. Email me at the usual place for updates, freebie launch for fans and opportunists.


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