Missing link


The image I've chosen for the jacket of The Unhappy Medium comes from a book of Dover images, Dover being royalty free. Back off copyright lawyers, back off, nothing to see here. 

It sums up Newton's fall from grace wonderfully, but I'd love to know its true meaning. Sadly this is not mentioned in the book; it simply hints that it's most likely from Der Bilderschmuck der Frühdrucke, a modest twenty-volume work from the 1920s. 

Anyone out there have all twenty volumes, a knowledge of medieval Latin and is stupid enough to help me for no good purpose?

No I thought not. Still, it was worth a shot.

I'm not going to give up without a fight, however, so as I search in the world beyond my office (you should see the state of things in here), I promise I will update this blog with developments.

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